Robin was able to bring me out of my head and into the moment with precise and engaging direction. With impact and patience, she has an amazing ability to translate her skill set to a novice. I felt more confident with every class, and I truly found my voice and look forward to the future knowing she is a friend and confidant! I stood out to an agency after taking Robin's class. I owe a huge thank you to her for her part in changing my career! Her private coaching is the most effective and affordable class I've taken in Los Angeles. She's fucking funny and has a lovely disposition. 

Emily Blocher 

BBA Talent 

Robin Reed cuts through the mystique of voice acting and gives you just what you need to know, allowing you to find your own creativity within the process. Her laid-back attitude belies real expertise and insight into the industry as a prolific working actress. An excellent technological guide, Robin shows you exactly what tools you need to set up your home studio or create your very own online web cartoon without breaking your back or your wallet. Thanks to Robin, I'm creating an animated series and producing my own audiobook narration. Above all, Robin is delightfully funny and creates an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere for learning and practice. No judgement. Sometimes snacks. Always fun!

Lydia Ooghe 

creator/voice, Ask A Hamster 

The Library Agency

Robin is fan-damn-tastic! She, as a human being, is incredibly warm and inviting, so she can't keep her personality from spilling over into her process. She's a strong voice and a good handle how to direct people, so you leave her fully prepared to for what's expected of you professionally. She's whip smart, offers her years of experience and knowledge to be at your disposal. Best of all, Robin will be your number one cheerleader as you navigate your way through the industry. Whether you're brand new to VO, or you're an old hand but your demo needs an update, you'll find Robin an extremely easy and fun person with whom to work. 

Mike Pepin 

The Library Agency

I had zero experience with voiceover prior to working with Robin. I needed a lot of guidance and Robin definitely delivered that in a very pragmatic way. In her classes, you record a lot, and, though it may be challenging and even scary at first, Robin provides a very safe and comfortable space to try out new techniques and voices. She really knows exactly what to say to get the most out of your performance. That's really what I took away from her intro class - you can have a Sam Elliott caliber voice but the performance is what matters. You can vastly improve your level of performance by working with a coach like Robin. I certainly felt like I did.

Dave Roderick 

The Improv Space 

Robin has helped me find the voice(s) I knew I had but didn’t have the technique, tools or experience to get to them. But I do now! Her direction is amazing to get you to be able to knock it out on your own two feet so you can find your A-Game in the big, bad world of voiceover.

Laura Shumate

The Library Agency

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