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Robin Reed, Stephen Taylor, Lydia Ooghe, Mars Sanford, Laura Shumate, Aurora Simcovich, Mike Pepin, Casey Jones and Emily Blocher

The roster of talent at RRVO is as personable as they are professional, delivering down-to-earth, conversational reads while maintaining a trustworthy authority.


With nearly two decades in the voiceover business, Robin Reed has an ear like no other. She has coached everyone on the roster, working diligently to develop their unique vocal styles: From Stephen Taylor’s refined depth to Aurora Simcovich’s playful quirk, from Mike Pepin’s no-nonsense Dad to Emily Blocher’s youthful cool; every voice is engaging, and yet no two voices are alike.


The similarity you’ll hear, though, is in our approach to copy: we attack scripts from the heart. We are interested. We are passionate. We are storytellers.


Let us tell yours.

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